IT takes time

Jul 25, 2022 | EVENTS, Uncategorized

JULY 2022

Schools out for summer over here. So i’m juggling working with keeping the children entertained, which is always fun! So far there has been a lot of digital parenting. The weather has been decent so that has been helpful in getting them to run off some energy in the garden. Although it’s short lived and they go back to bickering in the blink of an eye. I have been trying to post regular blog updates for about a year now, so I thought I’d take the holidays as an opportunity to start, when the pace is a little slower with less routine and time constraints.

Lately I must admit I’ve been finding it hard to paint, there has been lots going on personally which has taken a lot of my headspace and where I’d usually escape to the studio as my sanctuary and space to unpack everything in a creative way it hasn’t happened. I feel a little blocked, it something that happens occasionally and its something that I just have to let ride out. I find it frustrating that it can’t just be ready to go as soon as I pick up a brush. At least now when it does happen I know to acknowledge it and slowly work through it.

Instagram seems to be having a melt down, its extremely frustrating when you have used a platform successfully and all of a sudden things start to change and therefor engagement is down and this means sales are down too. Everyone I speak to seems to be experiencing a similar situation, which is reassuring to know you’re not alone.

Thinking about it, I have relied on social media (instagram in particular) too much. Not just for my own gain with posting and selling but to interact with others and see when they are up to. I don’t mind making the odd reel or video but I have no desire to go full TikTok, as I’m just not into it. I think its time for a shift using my webspace more efficiently. Adding regular blog posts, don’t worry I wont bombard you! (after all its taken me nearly a year top post this one!) but they will be more regular. It won’t just be about art and painting and new releases, there will be some discount codes for subscribers. News and update on events and a insight into my work and inpso. There will also hopefully be some guest writers too.

I would love you to stick around so subscribe for regular content and if its not your bag you can always unsubscribe!